Threshold Brands Announces Acquisition of Granite Garage Floors

Threshold Brands Announces Acquisition of Granite Garage Floors

BOSTON — Threshold Brands, the multi-brand franchisor behind many of the leading names in the commercial and home services segments, is welcoming a new franchise brand to its team. The franchisor announced today its acquisition of Granite Garage Floors, a franchise company that provides garage floor coatings for residential and commercial customers.

"Granite Garage Floors has proven to be an incredibly strong franchise opportunity with immense growth potential, and it complements our team of industry-leading service brands," said Hagan Kappler, Threshold Brands' CEO. "Garages typically account for 15-20% of a home's square footage, and like the other segments our brands address, the garage represents an important focus area where many consumers desire high-quality solutions and service."

Granite Garage Floors is the latest in a series of high-profile franchise acquisitions for Threshold Brands, which welcomed four new brands to its portfolio in 2021: USA Insulation, Plumbing Paramedics, Heating + Air Paramedics and Sir Grout. Threshold Brands' other franchise brands include MaidPro, Men in Kilts, FlyFoe and Pestmaster Services.

Threshold Brands' portfolio of high-performing franchise concepts has been strategically curated to provide an increasingly comprehensive menu of services to delight customers, a greater ability to meet customer needs, and the ability to offer additional opportunities to existing and future franchise owners. The addition of Granite Garage Floors expands Threshold Brands' attractiveness to customers, as well as to future and existing franchise owners. Granite Garage Floors will also contribute to and benefit from Threshold Brands' thriving referral network, which means more business for franchise owners across brands.

"Threshold Brands is the ideal partner for Granite Garage Floors. Threshold's expertise in world-class franchise operations and its keen understanding of home and commercial needs will allow Granite Garage Floors to grow more quickly and service customers across the country," said Alan Mishkoff, who founded the company in 2009 with his wife Kelly. Alan will join the Threshold Brands team as Brand President of Granite Garage Floors.

"Granite Garage Floors is the perfect addition to our portfolio of brands having developed a fantastic reputation across the markets served by the organization," said Threshold's Chief Growth Officer R. Scott Sutton. "The trust we establish with our customers carries across brands, and by matching customers with service providers for a wide range of needs, we help provide a path for each franchise owner to achieve growth by providing more service and solutions to each customer served."

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