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2017 Founded
8 Locations
6 Owners

About Patio Patrol

Patio Patrol offers superior mosquito, flea, and tick control services to our customers. We utilize industry-leading processes to help you excel in the field in accordance with Integrated Pest Management protocols—the recognized, eco-friendly standard for long-term pest control. You'll attack pests at their source, with natural pesticide options, to provide superior service your customers will rave about.

Patio Patrol Features Outstanding Benefits

When you become a part of the Patio Patrol franchise family, you can enjoy fantastic benefits you can't get anywhere else. From our smarter approach to mosquito, flea, and tick control, to our backing by franchising experts, Patio Patrol stands out as a pest control franchise that can get you noticed.

Franchisees provide a valuable service to their community, preventing mosquitoes and ticks from dominating your customers' yards. Our customers receive the high-quality services they need to enjoy their outdoor spaces with less worry; and franchisees get all the advantages of business ownership in an essential, high-demand industry.

Why Patio Patrol?


Rewarding Service

Your Patio Patrol franchise will be a clear line of defense for families, protecting them from the dangers mosquitoes and ticks carry.

Recurring Revenue

Customers need spraying approximately every three weeks to consistently keep pests at bay. That gives you recurring revenue and predictability.

Flexible Schedule

Sales and scheduling support will help you arrange your business around when you want to work. Patio Patrol can even be a supplemental income source.

Longer Seasons

While winter brings some relief from mosquitoes and ticks, the service seasons are much longer than many people realize, meaning more business potential for you.

Supporting Your Success

Coaches by Your Side

We'll help you launch, manage and market your business while keeping you connected to our team of franchising pros.


Integrated Sales and Call Center

Our corporate support includes an in-house call center to help you manage your sales, scheduling and more.

Outstanding Marketing Materials

Your business can stand out from the pack thanks to our exceptional marketing support and materials.

It's Easy to Start Your Franchising Journey

From the first exploratory call to the moment you become a franchise owner, our team is here to support you every step of the way. Your roadmap to success begins with our comprehensive discovery process.

Investment Numbers

Minimum Liquid Capital

$74,545 - $169,545
Total Minimum Investment

Franchise Opportunities

Financial rewards and personal freedom with a Patio Patrol Franchise

The Next Steps


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