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Threshold Brands Launches Incentive Designed to Support Brokers/Franchise Consultants in Finding the Right Brand for Its Prospects

Throughout 2022, Threshold Brands is upping the ante to franchise brokers and consultants, offering a best-in-class incentive to help drive awareness of the business, a 500-plus unit multi-brand franchisor of MaidPro, Men in Kilts, USA Insulation, Heating + Air Paramedics, Plumbing Paramedics, Granite Garage Floors, Pestmaster, Patio Patrol and Sir Grout. The incentive pays franchise consultants a $30,000 referral fee on the first unit signed by a new candidate, a $40,000 referral fee for the second new franchisee, and a $50,000 referral fee when a third candidate signs an agreement. Each additional territory purchased by a new franchisee brings a $20,000 referral fee. This is valid for all brands under the Threshold Brands umbrella. However, the company is paying an increased referral fee of $50,000 for the first unit purchased by every new franchisee for USA Insulation, Sir Grout, Granite Garage Floors and Pestmaster.

"The franchise broker/franchise consultant community does a tremendous job at finding great candidates and building relationships with these future franchise owners," said Ron Bender, Senior Director of Franchise Development at Threshold Brands, who also manages the relationships with the franchise brokers. "These consultants are an integral part to help us in our Mission of opening doors for franchise owners, employees and customers to pursue their dreams. We are using this incentive to get their attention and gain access to their best franchisee candidates - the ones who have the best chance at great success."

Throughout 2022, Threshold Brands has signed 75 franchise agreements, one-third of which were referred through various franchise broker networks.

"We see the franchise broker community as an extension of our franchise development team," said R. Scott Sutton, Chief Growth Officer. "They're having conversations with the next great franchisee on a daily basis. We want to make sure Threshold Brands is in the mix for those franchise buyers desiring to enter the home services segment."

In addition, through the rest of 2022, Threshold Brands announced the launch of a franchisee-first financing offer in which franchisees pay 25% of the franchise fee upon signing and begin paying the remainder 1 month after they open their unit. In addition, the deferred fees will be paid back interest-free.

"This model does two things. First, it eliminates a cash barrier for franchisees choosing to partner with our brands to achieve the dream of business ownership.. We wanted to give each new franchise owner more cash flow flexibility versus having a large sum of cash tied up prior to opening. Second, it allows the franchisee to secure multiple units on day one, meaning, they can start laying the foundation for a multi-unit/multi-brand portfolio," Sutton said.

About Threshold Brands: Threshold Brands is focused on opening doors for franchisees, customers and employees to pursue their dreams. Threshold's portfolio includes a growing number of franchised service brands, including Patio Patrol, Granite Garage Floors®, Heating + Air Paramedics®, MaidPro®, Men In Kilts®, Pestmaster®, Plumbing Paramedics®, Sir Grout®, USA Insulation® and Granite Garage Floors. More information about Threshold Brands and its franchising opportunities are available at http://www.thresholdbrands.com.