Convert Your Current Business to a Franchise

Transitioning your business into a franchise isn't as overwhelming as you might think. As a franchise owner, you remain in control your business and lead its growth. Being part of the Threshold Brands family you will have access to significantly more tools and coaching to help take your business to the next level.  

Break The Glass Ceiling

Most independent service companies hit a glass ceiling that hinders them from continual growth. We've discovered that by adding a few unique tools in just the right way you can break through that glass ceiling and begin to grow again. Check out some of the tools we can offer your business.

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Superior Marketing Muscle

One of the biggest reasons to convert your business to a franchise is to align your business with an established brand and get access resources to better promote your business. We work with each franchise owner to create a local marketing plan specific to their goals and location.

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Hands on Coaching

In addition to a dedicated marketing coach we also assign each of our franchise partners a business coach to help set and track goals, remove roadblocks to success, to serve as your point of access to the vast amount of resources at your disposal.

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State-of-The-Art Operational Software

Our proprietary, web-based software system makes it easy to manage everything from estimating, sales, scheduling jobs, work orders and client billing, all in one application that allows you access anytime and anywhere.

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Recruiting Staff

It's hard to find good staff. We know that. So we've put together a set of amazing tools to help you fill positions with the best people. We will also show you how to interview, what to look for, what to beware of, and how to round out your business with individuals ready to do their best work.