Premium residential retrofit insulation.
1985 Founded
101 Locations
40 Owners / Owner Partners

About USA Insulation

In an effort to provide for his family during a down economy in 1983, builder Jeff Pitrone decided to capitalize on government tax credits for energy conservation projects - home insulation being one of them. Turns out, his knowledge of in-home services and knack for customer service was a winning combo.

Understanding that his customers were willing to pay for not only great service, but for better products, Jeff introduced the insulation product line and process that USA Insulation still uses today - proprietary USA Premium Injection Foam® Insulation.

Dominate Home Insulation In Your Market

Not many franchise brands offer the chance to be the best and the only player in your market - and that's not by default. We've spent over 35 years perfecting our products and systems so that franchise owners can hit the ground running while knowing the sky is the limit.

Why USA Insulation?


No Other Insulation Comes Close

USA Premium Injection Foam® Insulation flows into small, narrow spaces and fills crevices that traditional insulation products cannot reach.

100% American-Made

Not only do we control the complete product supply chain (no third parties), but we also keep all of our operations in America. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located near our headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Strong Marketing Opportunities

Sophisticated marketing campaigns allow you to focus on business metrics, while on-site technology simplifies the sales process and increases in-home conversions.

Supporting Your Success

Surrounded by Support

Your support begins long before your franchise opens and continues through the life of its operation. Remember, we've been doing this for over 35 years, and the benefit of our knowledge is all yours.


We Start You Off Right

Initial training includes in-home selling, advertising, and USA Premium Injection Foam® Insulation and other product education.

Keep Track of What Matters

We've determined optimal protocols for operation initiatives such as personnel, inventory, and cash management.

It's Easy to Start Your Franchising Journey

From the first exploratory call to the moment you become a franchise owner, our team is here to support you every step of the way. Your roadmap to success begins with our comprehensive discovery process.

Investment Numbers

Franchise Fee

$259,500 to $398,000
Estimated Initial Investment

Franchise Opportunities

Financial rewards and personal freedom with a USA Insulation Franchise

The Next Steps


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